Heron in Flight

Heron is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial system (UAS) with superior surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. The Heron has over 30 hours endurance, up to a 30,000 foot altitude and is the only UAS on the market with simultaneous air-to-air and air-to-surface tracking. With a fully redundant flight control system, Automatic Takeoff and Landing (ATOL) and Autonomous return home if lost link, the Heron boasts an impeccable safety record.

Heron is currently flown with the MOSP 3000 EO/IR sensor and has a 550-pound multi-sensor payload ability. It uses either an ELTA 2022 Maritime Patrol Radar (MPR) or an ELTA 2055 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).

Product Info

Heron Specs

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  • Fully redundant, state-of-the art avionics
  • Multiple operational configurations
  • Simultaneous multi-sensor use of EO/IR/LFR, SAR/GMTI, Maritime Patrol Radar, COMINT, ELINT, Voice Comm Relay and
  • Customer Provided Payloads
  • Line of Sight and Beyond Line of Sight with SATCOM
  • Adverse weather capability including anti-icing system
  • Fully retractable landing gear
  • Available Satellite Communication for extended ranges (SATCOM)
  • Two proven simultaneous Automatic Takeoff and Landing (ATOL) systems for maximal safety
  • Over 10 years of service with a proven record of safety, reliability, and ease of operations
  • Only UAV Maritime Patrol Radar system in operational use

  • Mission Radius Over 300 miles (260 nm)
  • Endurance of 20 – 45 hours
  • Ceiling Greater than 30,000 Feet
  • Loiter Speed of 60 – 80 KTAS
  • Maximum Speed of 120 KTAS

Technical Data:

  • Maximum Takeoff Weight of 2750 lb. (1250 kg)
  • Maximum Payload Weight of 550 lb (250 kg)
  • Wingspan of 54.5 foot (16.6 m)