ProtectLite™ is a best in class survivability armor solution, with a successful history of fielded results and satisfied customers.


The resilient and light weight protection of ProtectLite™ armor is 50% lighter than that of steel or aluminum armor with comparable ballistic protection.

ProtectLite™ performs on curved surfaces and sharp angles allowing protection without altering the exterior or performance of the vehicle. As threats change, vehicle armor reconfiguration on the battlefield is simple.

Made from advanced ceramics, ProtectLite™ will never break, crack or damage under harsh field conditions, rough weather or rugged terrain.


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ProtectLite™ Specs

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Technical Specs

  • Resilient & Light Weight
    • 3/4″ vs 2 1/2″ thickness
    • 50% lighter than steel and aluminum armor
    • Performs on curved surfaces and sharp edges
  • Multi Impact Protection
    • Sustains multiple blasts with minimal damage
    • Hits are local and do not influence neighboring elements
  • Durability, Reparability & Value
    • Made from advanced ceramics
    • Will never break, crack, or damage under harsh conditions
    • Combat tested on various military vehichles and personnel



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