StarkLite 200

StarkLite 200 is a high performance, multi-sensor, miniature electro-optical payload for sUAS. The payload provides enhanced image capabilities for mini-, and micro UAVs and other observation systems. By using innovative technology, StarkLite 200 matches the capabilities of bigger payloads in a very small package. It is small, light-weight, and robust with features previously available only on larger, more expensive payloads.

StarkLite 200

StarkLite 200 is a miniature 2-axis gyro stabilized payload equipped with a visible camera, a thermal camera, a laser pointer and a 10MP still capability. It has continuous zoom, LOS data measurement and multiple observation and tracking modes.

StarkLite 200 is the latest addition to Stark Aerospace portfolio of high performance multi-sensor electro-optic payloads. It complements Stark’s current product line of payloads and meets a demand in the market for sUAS or hand launched UAS payloads.

The payload was developed by NextVision, an Israeli company with whom Stark has an agreement to market, produce and support the StarkLite 200 payload in the U.S. market.

Product Info

StarkLite 200 Specs

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Technical Specs

  • Day TV
    • 640×480
    • 24X continuous optical zoom
    • 2X digital zoom (total of 48X)
  • Thermal Imager
    • FAA and NVG lighting
    • Capable of carrying 3 inch, 2.5 pound all-weather payload
  • Laser Pointer, 650/850/980 nm, eye safe
  • Still, 10MP, real time download
  • Field of Regard:
    • Pan: 360º continuous
    • Tilt: +45º to -80º
  • Stabilization <50 μRad
  • SWaP
    • Weight: <9 oz.
    • Size: Diameter 3.3″ x Height 3.5″
    • Power: 4W



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