Commercial Services

The Engineering Division supports a wide range of development and certification programs. Our engineers leverage a comprehensive suite of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods, in-house analysis tools and an extensive analytical and experimental background to offer a tailored and cost-effective solution to your problem. Our commercial business areas include:

Business and Commercial Aircraft

We are responsible for the aerodynamic configuration of several business jet models including; Sino-Swearingen SJ-30, Eclipse 500, and Spectrum S40. Commercial aircraft modifications including; re-engine programs, radome and antenna installations, strake installations, wing modifications, winglet designs, and more.

We maintain a comprehensive set of predictive methods: drag prediction, engine cycle analysis, arbitrary mission performance analysis, takeoff and landing performance (Balanced Field Length), static stability and control, dynamic stability and control, nDOF flight dynamics simulation and handling qualities assessment.

Radome and Antennae Modifications

We provide turn-key radome design, integration and certification support and have experience designing external modifications to minimize risk for bird-strike, vibration and buffet, ice accretion, effect on aircraft handling qualities and performance.

Reverse Engineering

We are experienced in the reverse-engineering of aircraft geometries. Depending on fidelity requirements, we can produce 3D models of aircraft outer mold lines (OML) using a variety of sources and provide turn-key 3D model development using laser-scan and other metrology techniques. This includes development of smoothed aerodynamic lofts from noisy laser scan data.

We maintain a database of over 500 aircraft configurations; developed using our reverse engineering methods and available for use on your program.

Aircraft Design and Configuration

We maintain a full suite of preliminary design methods for the sizing and assessment of new aircraft configurations. Our inverse design methods incorporate our low and high-order CFD methods to quickly and efficiently localize an optimum configuration. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) are practiced in low-speed and transonic airfoil and 3D shape design.

Computational Analysis Services

We can support your engineering staff with turn-key CFD services using any of our in-house and third party tools. We can provide solutions from a variety of methods ranging from 3D panel methods to full Navier-Stokes.

We maintain a modern high-speed computing cluster with hundreds of parallel computing nodes. We can address problems on a scale typically reserved only for the largest of corporations.

Testing Services

We offer a range of testing services including low and high-speed wind tunnel testing and flight test support. Our analytical expertise is augmented by an extensive experimental background. Likewise, our engineers utilize our computational toolkit to minimize the cost of a test program and can significantly minimize program risk and cost through a hybrid test and analysis program.

AMI’s Engineering Division, in conjunction with our strategic partners, can provide turn-key design-analysis and testing services, including wind tunnel model development, test support and analysis.

We can provide flight test support including test card development, instrumentation plans and flight test data reduction.


We are well respected at Aircraft Certification Offices (ACOs) throughout the country and are located nearby to the Transport Aircraft Directorate (TAD) Seattle field office and ACO.

We can support your 8110 requirements using our network of DERs: Control Systems, Damage Tolerance and Fatigue, Flight Analyst, Flutter, Icing, Loads, Noise, Powerplant, Stress.

We have developed FAA accepted methods to assess the potential for impact to baseline aircraft type compliance and is the co-author of several issue-papers.