Aerostructures & Production Services

Stark Aerostructures Division delivers the highest quality built to print composite capabilities to its customers who include – OEMs and Tier 1 aerospace companies , US Department of Defense, international companies and governments.

Our workforce consists of highly skilled personnel, including manufacturing and analysis engineers proficient in product development, aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, analytical tools, propulsion, aero elasticity, autonomous systems and software tools. We pride ourselves in being responsive and dedicated to providing cost effective solutions.

Stark has extensive experience in advanced structure and composite assemblies (including wet layup and pre-preg capabilities), composite fabrication and repairs, and the manufacture and integration of aircraft mechanical and electrical assemblies, electronic and hydraulic, and optical assemblies.

The 120,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility contains approximately 50,000 sq. ft. of production space equipped with a large autoclave, post cure oven and climate controlled paint facility. Stark has temperature and humidity controlled working floor area in excess of 32,000 sq. ft. with a working height of 36 ft. and overhead cranes with up to 3-ton lifting capacity. Compressed air and electric services are provided extensively throughout this area. Additional space is allocated for receiving, inventory storage, kitting, production, finished goods storage, and shipping. The warehouse is approximately 9,000 sq. ft. Stark’s facility is fully controlled by an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Key Equipment

  • Composite Center
    • 32,000 square feet
  • Cleanroom
    • 2,500 square feet
    • Wi-Fi temp & humidity control
    • Certified class 1000 (ISO 6)
  • Autoclave
    • Diameter: 12 feet
    • Length: 30 feet
    • Max Temp/Pressure: 500o F/ 135 psi
  • Oven
    • Max size: 6,000 cubic feet
    • Temp: Max heat of 200oC
    • Vacuum ability
  • Paint Booth
    •  15,000 cubic feet
    • Climate controlled
    • Up to 150o cure cycles
  • Special Processing
    • Virtek laser projection system
    • CMM
    • Ultra-Pulse Echo NDT – MAUS V
Products include:

• Fuselages
• Wings
• Winglets
• Tail Sections
• Leading and Trailing Edges
• Booms
• Spars
• Ribs
• Seals
• Doors
• Fairings
• Floor Beams
• Covers
• Radomes