The MiniPOP is an 8″ lightweight payload for day/night observation system designed for military, para-military and civilian applications and as a weapon sight. The payload provides real-time image, automatic video tracker capabilities and precise target geo-location for small platforms including small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), armored vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and naval vessels.

The MiniPOP is a dual axis, gyro-stabilized payload. The payload is one Line Replaceable Unit (LRU), open architecture design that carries up to four sensors. The basic configuration includes a continuous zoom color day camera and a thermal imaging camera. A laser pointer, eye-safe laser range finder and automatic television tracker can be incorporated for greater capabilities and functionality. The MiniPOP is remotely controlled through RS422 serial communication or by a HAND Control UNIT (HCU).

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MiniPOP Specs

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System Specifications:

    • 8” x 13.25” (20 cm x 34 cm)
    • 15.2 – 19.5 lbs (7 – 9 kg)
    • Stabilization of <50 μRad
    • Slewing Rate of 120°/second max
    • < 50 W average Power Consumption (100 W maximum)
    • Field of Regard:
      • Azimuth: 360° continuous
      • Elevation: -100°÷ +25°
    • Thermal Imager:
      • Detector:
        • Indium Antimonide
        • FPA
        • 3 -5 μm
        • 384 x 480 pixels
      • Field of View:
        • 2° – 22° continuous zoom
  • Day TV:
    • CCD Color Detector with Near IR
    • Field of View:
      • Continuous Zoom 1.7°- 40°
      • Digital zoom x12

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