HoverLite™ is a tactical tethered hovering aerial ISR system providing exceptional observation and surveillance capabilities. HoverLite™ supports Military, Homeland Security and Civilian missions, including surveillance, border patrol, crowd monitoring, and emergency rapid response missions. Rising to heights of 165 feet in 15 seconds, HoverLite™ is secured by a tether providing power and bi-directional signals to and from the aerial platform and its sensor.

HoverLite™ can be operated on the move. The stabilized platform is capable of carrying any payload of up to 13.2 pounds. With its compact base unit, HoverLite™ is suitable for a wide range of small platforms such as: pickup trucks, ATVs, UGVs/USVs, boats, and communication vehicles.


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HoverLite™ Specs

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Technical Specs:

  • Maximum hover height: 165 ft
  • Deployment time: 15 seconds
  • Wind Limit: 25 Kt ~ 28.8 MPH
  • T-STAMP-ER Payload

T-STAMPER-ER electro-optical stabilized gimbal payload:

    • Stabilization at the nadir by 3-gimbal system
    • GPS aided IMU on LOS provides target geo-location
    • Day Channel
    • Continuous optical zoom (X20)
    • Thermal Camera
    • FPA 640×512 pixels
    • Laser Pointer




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