Our Missile Systems Division is the result of manufacturing skills and capital equipment acquired over the last 10+ years. Manufacturing processes range from welding and metal assembly to avionics testing and integration. We have a proven track record of on-time delivery and an exceptional quality record.


  • Laser Shearography is used for any bonded composite material for near-instantaneous void detection as part of the non-destructive testing process.
  • 1870 cubic foot sand blast booth for cleaning surfaces during the metallic painting process.
  • Thermal Zinc Spraying is a more efficient and consistent alternative to galvanization
  • Our highly skilled tig welding team is certified to AWS d1, with a CWI on staff to verify all welding holds to the most stringent quality requirements.
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620 Certified technicians to manufacture all wire harnesses to the IPC-620 standard and certified internal trainers for IPC Standards.
  • Cutting and Laser Marking Machine increases efficiency by kitting and pre-marking wires, reducing lead time and manufacturing costs.
  • Two mobile MK Test Systems perform continuity and insulation testing on 100% of Stark manufactured wire harnesses.


Arrow 3 Canister Production

The first missile system program at Stark. Skilled technicians perform welding per AWS d1, metal assembly, wiring Integration, paint, and pressure testing.

Arrow 3 Wire Harnesses

Stripping, crimping, termination, labeling, and dielectric testing on complex harnesses, conforming to IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard.

Arrow 3 Missile Sections

The latest program to begin at Stark involves system assembly, wiring/avionics Integration, non-destructive testing, paint, and pressure testing.