Our company has a proven track record in manufacturing and delivering combat proven UAVs. Our capabilities include sub-component manufacturing, system integrations, final assembly, and pre-flight testing. We have FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA) for UAS Flight Operations and direct access to the adjacent 8,000-foot GTR runway.


  • Experienced in performing carbon and glass fiber wet lay-up ranging from hand-held components to 40’ wing spars.
  • 10’ x 60’ post cure oven for wet lay-up and paint processes with vacuum capabilities.
  • Fuel system, hydraulic system, and electrical Systems Integration on military UAVs.


Hunter UAV

Stark produced Hunter Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (TUAV) which were in service with the US Army from 1995-2015.

Heron UAV

Stark completed IAI Heron medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle for demonstration and trials by the US military.