Stark Aerospace Introduces ArrowLite™ Enhanced Collapsible-Wing Micro Tactical UAS at 2014 AUVSI

The ArrowLite™ was designed, developed and manufactured by Stark Aerospace with support from the Program Manager for Tactical Operations Support (PM TOS), Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO). CTTSO awarded Stark a contract to develop the ArrowLite™ system for use by special operations and counter terrorism small tactical units of dominance. Thirteen (13) systems, consisting of thirty-nine (39) air vehicles, associated ground support equipment, and spares have been delivered to date.

The ArrowLite™ provides the tactical operator with a rapidly deployable light weight (under 6.5 lbs.) aerial ISR capability: that can be quickly assembled and hand-launched in 60 to 90 seconds after removal from a water proof transport carry case; features a day/night thermal 2-axis mechanically gimbaled stabilized payload with laser illuminator and a NSA Suite B-encrypted mobile mesh network data-link; can achieve flight distances from 5-15 KMs on the data link; can reach dash speeds up to 55 knots; is capable of sustaining flight for up to 2.75 hours (launch to land); and uses the light weight, NVG compatible, Ruggedized Operator Control Unit (ROCU) as the Ground Control Station. The ArrowLite™ system can survive rugged environmental conditions and can support a variety of missions to include insertion by Military Free Fall (MFF).

General Robert “Doc” Foglesong (USAF, Ret.), chairman of the board and CEO of Stark Aerospace, said: “Stark Aerospace is proud to introduce its first 100% U.S. designed, developed and manufactured UAV into the market. ArrowLite™ provides forces working in remote and difficult terrain with an organic intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance system that is packable and operable by one operator at the small unit level.”