Columbus, Miss., (October 13, 2014) – Stark Aerospace, as part of a rapid research and development effort sponsored by the Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO), introduces the HoverLite tactical tethered hovering aerial ISR system. HoverLite provides exceptional asymmetric observation and surveillance capabilities supporting military, homeland security and civilian missions for pop-up surveillance, border patrol, crowd monitoring, and emergency rapid response missions.

Rising to a height of 165 ft. in ~ 15 seconds, HoverLite is secured by a tether providing power and bi-directional signals to and from the aerial platform and its sensor(s). HoverLite can be operated on the move and broadcasts ISR products to users on the network or local with no signature.

“We are excited to offer this new capability to the ISR market”, said Robert Foglesong, Chairman & CEO of Stark Aerospace. “The HoverLite serves a huge gap in fast reaction 360 degree situational awareness.”

The platform is capable of carrying any payload of up to 13.2 lbs. HoverLite is suitable for a wide range of small platforms including pick-up trucks, ATVs, UGVs/USVs (unmanned ground /surface vehicles), boats, communication vehicles, etc.

Technical Specifications
• Maximum hover height: 165ft (Payload/Height trade off above this level)
• Deployment time: ~ 15 seconds
• Wind Limit: 28.8 Mph
• Three gimbal system enables stabilization both at the nadir and at the horizon
• GPS provides geo-location of targets using a built-in navigation system
•T-STAMP-ER electro-optical stabilized gimbal payload

Stark Aerospace Inc. products will be featured at this year’s 2014 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition, October 13-15 in Washington, DC.